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Members of the Board of Nursing Home Administrators
Name: Ricky A. Schroeder
Position: Chairperson and Nursing Home Administrator
Appointed: 04-20-15
Expiration: 06-30-21
Location: Lovell
Name: Shane Filipi
Position: Nursing Home Administrator
Appointed: 01-01-09
Expiration: 06-30-19
Location: Cody
Name: W. Travis Bomengen, MD
Position: Physician
Appointed: 07-14-03
Expiration: 06-30-19
Location: Thermopolis
Name: Betsy Hartman, RN
Position: Nurse
Appointed: 07-01-11
Expiration: 06-30-19
Location: Cheyenne
Name: Kay Wallick
Position: Public Member
Appointed: 01-01-09
Expiration: 06-30-20
Location: Torrington