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  1. Submit completed application to the board with all necessary fees. Please note that initial fees should be paid by money order or cashier"s check. Applications received without the necessary fees will be returned. Every applicant must also provide proof of legal presence, as per instructions provided.
  2. Verify completion of a bachelor's degree by having an official transcript sent directly from the education institution to the board.
  3. Verification of all licenses held, active or inactive, in any healthcare profession must be provided. If this information is available online you may provide the exact website and this information will be obtained by the Board. If verification is not available online, you must have verification sent to this Board via fax or mail. A form is provided for your convenience in requesting this information. However, we do not require that the information be completed on any specific form.
  4. Two letters of reference are required. Whenever possible, letters should attest to the applicant's performance in the calendar year immediately preceding the date of application. Letters should be on letterhead, and should address the applicant"s ability to perform as a Nursing Home Administrator. Letters of reference must be mailed or faxed directly to the Board by the reference. All letters must be both signed and dated.
  5. Verification of a six (6) month Administrator in Training (AIT) program under the supervision of a Nursing Home Administrator licensed in Wyoming, or another state having equal or equivalent standards. This requirement may be waived under some circumstances. Refer to rules for more information. A form is provided for this verification.
  6. Verification of completion of the NAB exam (National Association of Board of Examiners). Verification of scores can be sent directly from the NAB or can be verified in writing from another licensing board. If requesting scores from another state, please indicate this at the bottom of the first page of the Request for Verification of Licensure form.

    If you need to take this examination, please refer to the following website: You will need to pay the current exam fee directly to the NAB.

  7. A Temporary license may only be granted to fill a position of Nursing Home Administrator that unexpectedly becomes vacant. We will need a letter from someone at the facility stating the reason for the unexpected vacancy, and indicating the name of the individual that is applying for a temporary license. Please refer to the Rules for more information.
  8. Fees:

    Application Fee $250.00
    Temporary License Fee $400.00
    Renewal Fee $300.00

  9. Please note that all licenses expire annually on December 31, regardless of issue date. The first year or partial year of licensure no continuing education hours will be needed for renewal. However, after the first year or partial year of licensure, a total of 25 hours of continuing education hours will be required at each renewal. Hours from the current renewal year and one year preceding will be accepted.
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Revised 12/12